P. agnata

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World of Carnivorous Plants

"What you always wanted to know about butterworts"


P. filifolia
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Where can I get plants?

To buy carnivorous plants today is not difficult anymore. Beside nurseries specialized in carnivorous plants, often they also can be found in garden centers. For beginners this is not the worst source to make experiences with these strange plants, because often the plants which are sold are cheap and easy to cultivate. Unfortunately I have observed that employees there are not so familiar with the cultivation of carnivorous plants, so often the plants suffer a lot due to wrong treatment. If you like to buy plants in common garden centers, be aware that the plants look healthy and that they have a vivid colour.

P. emarginata

To find more rare species, you will have problems to get them in regular garden centers. It will be necessary to contact commercial cp nurseries or private carnivorous plant growers, which perhaps sell plants too. More rare Pinguicula species are quite difficult to find because they are not so loved by carnivorous plant growers due to its non-spectacular phenotype.

I sometimes sell plants from my collection, so if you are looking for some species, just send me an email .